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I’m laughing at myself for worrying about a job that I haven’t been offered yet, but here we go. How did you decide that a long commute was or wasn’t worth it?

I’ve been looking for a librarian position for a little over 8 months now. I’m working part-time in my current position, I think with the economy of the province I work in the odds of me being hired full time are slim to none. Even if I were to be hired full-time, I still wouldn’t be making “enough” money in some ways. It’s at a school and, so, of course we go without pay for 2 months during the summer, etc. Anyway, I applied for a position to be a library manager of a rural library, about a little less than an hour away from the large Canadian city I live in. The pay isn’t amazing, but it’s for 12 months of the year, which entices me. The experience would be good for my resume (I think), especially when it comes to gaining management skills. I’m a little nervous about it because it’s quite different from the positions I have had in the past. All of my references and a “mentor” I have in the field seem to think this would be a great opportunity for me, and I agree.

The only thing that’s making me a little bit anxious is the commute. Like I said, it’s about 50 minutes away from where I currently live. I can’t actually imagine living in the town I’d be working in… I don’t even think there are apartments there and I can’t imagine renting a house. I currently live with my mother (I know) and, honestly, I wouldn’t really mind commuting if I could stay with her, because my expenses are quite low. I’ve also been doing a lot for her around the house, just in terms of home maintenance. My mother is also 75 and I’m her only caregiver. Living with her (or living within an hour distance) eases my mind a lot. I think I could handle this position for 2-3 years and then see where the economy is, if there are better jobs available, etc. I think it could be kind of fun. The library is quite well funded for a library of that size.

However, what makes me reconsider is the fact that people HATE long commutes, from everything I’ve read. When I think about it, I don’t think I’d mind it. It’s a lot of highway driving, which would probably be a nightmare in the winter…. so if I’m offered the position. I think I’d really see how the commute was during summer and fall while staying with my mom and re-assessing from there. People make long commutes seem like an absolute nightmare, so I am wondering if something’s wrong with me because in some ways…. it might not be *that* bad for me. By that time, I think I could relocate to a different part of my current city which would cut the commute down to 35 minutes. I don’t know. I’m completely over thinking this!!

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